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Stacey P. Frederick, BSN, RN

Administrator & Owner


Stacey Frederick's experience in the home health sector began 1993. Her extensive career within the healthcare industry dates back to 1989, including stints with groups such as Ochsner Foundation Hospital Cardiac Unit, Lafayette General Medical Center Intensive Care Unit, Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center and Medical Center of Southwest.


Stacey’s leadership and organizational qualities led to such prestigious management positions as Director of Nursing, Administrator and Director of Professional Services. These professional experiences allowed Stacey to hone her nursing skills and develop strong relationships within the medical community, leading her to recognize and recruit highly qualified and certified nursing staff that also adheres to her own standards of care and compassion. 


Her vision for Nursing Specialties is to continue "to have a responsibility to use our skill and training whenever it will make someone’s life better. Whatever the financial limitations, we will not turn our backs on people who are in need.”

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