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Brandi Doucet, RN

Director of Nursing


Brandi Doucet graduated from the LSU nursing program in 2005 and knew from the start that home health care would be her future in nursing. After spending 15 years in home health care, Brandi’s passion and dedication to her nursing field of choice remains as strong as ever. Brandi has served in many roles in home health care from field staff patient care to quality assurance and compliance to administration and management. Brandi contributes her experience in the various roles as instrumental to her success as a Director of Nursing. Real life experience enables Brandi to understand the needs and challenges of the clinicians she is charged with directing. Her commitment to quality in patient care along with recognition of the strengths and successes of her team of health care clinicians has made Brandi the perfect fit for Director of Nursing of Nursing Specialties Home Health.

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