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The Occupational Therapist shall provide rehabilitative services in accordance with a physician directed plan of care to promote positive therapeutic outcomes which include an increase in the patient’s function and independence.
  1. Supervised by: Therapy Case Manager, Director of Nursing
  2. Workers Supervised: Occupational Therapy Assistants and Nursing Assistants
  3. Interrelationships: All members of the agency’s care team and management staff.
Occupational Therapy includes such duties as the following:
  1. Assists the physician in the evaluation of the level of developmental skills, perceptual motor skills, sensory integrative skills, and activity of daily living skills.
  2. Submits a written evaluation which includes problems identified, goals established and with this evaluation participates in developing a plan of treatment in consultation with the physician.
  3. Treatment Procedures and Provisions:
    1. Therapeutic exercise
    2. Fine motor program
    3. Splinting and adaptive equipment
    4. Perceptual - motor program
    5. Home programs:
      1. Work simplification techniques
      2. Provide assistive techniques and devices as needed for improved activity of daily living skills.
  1. Observes, records, and reports to the physician the patient's reaction to treatment and any changes in the patient's condition and participates in revisions to the plan of care as indicated.
  2. Recommends and/or fabricates appropriate equipment. Instructs and supervises patients, family, and nursing staff of such aids as:
    1. Arm slings
    2. Orthotic devices
    3. Adaptive equipment
    4. Jobs supports
  1. Instructs the patient and / or family on patients' total occupational therapy program.
  2. Participates in staff meetings and conferences as requested. Conducts or participates in consultation with team members and other staff members as needed or directed in policy.
  3. Attends at least two in-service education meetings per year.
  4. Participates in provision of care, discharge planning and quality assurance programs.
    1. The occupational therapist shall be responsible for:
      1. Making visits as assigned by the agency.
      2. Writing a progress note for each visit in the permanent record of the patient and submitting this to the agency weekly.
  1. Recertification for each patient shall be sent to the attending physician every thirty (30) days.
  2. The quality of care given shall be evaluated by the Medical Director.
  3. The overall work performance and staff-patient relationship shall be evaluated by the Director of Nursing.
The OTA will be supervised by a Licensed Occupational Therapist as stated in the Department of Health and Hospitals Minimum Standards. A least once every two weeks, a face to face conference will be conducted between the Occupational Therapist and the OTA to review progress and modification of the treatment plan as necessary for all patients receiving care by the OTA.
  1. At least once a month the Occupational Therapist will conduct a supervisory visit in the patient’s place of residence either with or without the OTA present.
  2. The Occupational Therapist will maintain the records of these conferences and make them available to the agency upon request within 24 hours or will enter them into a progress note on a bi-weekly and/or monthly basis.
An occupational therapist is a graduate of a program in occupational therapy approved by the Council on Medical Education of the American Occupational Therapy Association or its equivalents and is licensed by the State of Louisiana. Must show current license.

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