Stacey P. Frederick, BSN, RN

Chief Executive Officer


Stacey Frederick is an experienced home care veteran with a demonstrated history of experience in every aspect of home care since entry into the industry in 1993. Stacey entered home care as a Registered Nurse with a background in geriatric, intensive care, and cardiac nursing. Stacey discovered, after four years in nursing, that her love for geriatrics and a personal penchant for autonomy and persona development made home health care the ideal line of patient service. She has owned and operated independent, proprietary home care providers since 1993.


Stacey applies operational and clinical expertise in the management and oversight of NSI Home Health and hospice as both Owner and Administrator. By application of a blend of democratic and strategic leadership styles, Stacey drives business outcomes, talent management and organization and leadership development. Her business acumen is further tempered with the compassion for both patients and employees that a background in "boots on the ground" experience enables. Additionally, Stacey uses strategies of performance measurements by data metrics analysis, patient satisfaction tracking and trending, and program evaluation with ongoing analysis through real time metrics made possible by current technology to steer the future of the provider.


As vision is the essence of leadership, Stacey's vision is to stimulate progress for NSI Home Health and Hospice while enabling actions of employees driven by personal compulsion rather than rewards or coercion. By encouraging employees to achieve their professional goals, a culture of quality patient care coupled with compassion and understanding is the ultimate vision. A love of patient care and a dedication to community are the key ingredients in the vision of quality patient care and compassion for the elderly under the care of NSI Home Health and NSI Hospice.