At Nursing Specialties, we use several different technologies and partner with local healthcare providers to offers comprehensive at-home elder care.

Point-of-care nursing:

Nursing Specialties provides our clinicians with point-of-care netbooks in order to document in the patient's home. This allows us to have all patient information streamlined and readily available to all treating physicians so they can evaluate and plan the patient's immediate treatment.

Acadian on call (Acadian Ambulance):

The Acadian On Call system provides peace of mind to subscribers and their families by offering emergency assistance at the push of a button. With Acadian On Call you can have immediate access to medical care, enjoy the confidence and security of knowing you are always protected, reduce the anxiety of living alone, and enhance quality of life while maintaining independence.

Tele health monitoring (Acadian Ambulance):

Acadian Telehealth Monitoring helps patients heal at home through daily diagnostic intervention. This user-friendly device allows patients to monitor vital signs from the convenience of home, with a simple touch of a button. Medical staff reviews patient data to accurately evaluate the patient's condition.

Anodyne therapy:

Infrared light therapy helps increase circulation by releasing nitric oxide and aiding in oxygen delivery for chronic Neuropathy patients. Anodyne therapy can help reduce the negative consequences of neuropathy by decreasing pain, assist in healing chronic wounds and decrease a patients risk for falls.

KCI wound VAC - Ready V.A.C. program:

VAC therapy is a system that uses controlled negative pressure to help promote wound healing. Nursing Specialties has partnered with KCI to be the only local V.A.C. ready care home health provider. This allows for immediate initiation of wound V.A.C. therapy in the home.